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Fabian Zarta is an interracial Colombian-US American actor, writer, producer based in New York City. He grew up surrounded by endless mountains in Bogotá, Colombia, and influenced by the countless “fairy tales” of the Magdalena River that waters the banks of Purificacion, Tolima, the town of his ancestors, a tropical like fire la la land of rice fields, cattle and crude oil which makes it on the edge of a darn magical umbrella. It is rich in the history of indigenous warriors like the "Yaporox" and later on European colonizers that finally set the flag.    

Fabian spent much of 2019 traveling around the US, Mexico and Colombia to deepen his understanding of his Latin American roots and culture through the prism of his more recent North American experience.  These travels stimulated his upcoming bilingual book (title coming soon) of short stories, essays and poems about immigration, love, deception, perception, cities, homophobia, xenophobia, romanticism, capitalism, impeachment and more, from the point of view of a backpacking traveler in search of his own self.  He also wrote, produces and leads in the short film "Las Cigarras" (The Cicadas) which shines a spotlight on an incendiary issue in Latin America—kidnapping—but uses kidnapping as a springboard to explore how new friendships can form even in such harsh conditions, how two strangers from widely different backgrounds can become lifelong friends by living the same story of pain, hopelessness, solidarity, faith and ideals.  

Fab loves Latin and Mediterranean food, is a part time vegetarian at times, listens to a variety of music, he’s always on the road, or makes excuses to be on it. He is proud of his sister, a doctor, "We’ve been through a lot, and we keep on rollin’ with hard work, passion and optimism', that's LIFE".

Fabian Zarta 1 by Barry Fidnick.jpg

A lead role in "A Lothario's Lament," selected at the Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival 2013. 

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The actor is a former member of ACTivate, a collective theatre initiative at The Public Theater New York. The group wrote and performed the play "Troy" at the downtown location in 2016, inspired by Euripides' The Trojan women, the struggle of African American teens in the US and Black Lives Matter.  Other credits at The Public include musical adaptations of Twelfth Night which gained him a Nomination for Outstanding Ensemble at the Chita Rivera Awards 2019.  The Odyssey” (as Odysseus' man), “The Tempest” (as the Sailor) and “As You Like It” (as a Puppeteer) for the “Shakespeare in The Park” version at Delacorte Theater in Central Park.  

Fabian played Nariño (click) in a solo adaptation of his play, a work-in-progress, of the same name, that earned him an invitation to Bogotá City by CiCA (Circle of Colombian Artists) and IDARTES (Instituto Distrital de las Artes) in 2016, and by FIC (Festival Internacional de la Cultura) in 2015. The piece depicts the life and struggle of this real-life Latin American journalist, military leader and politician (long unfairly overshadowed by Bolivar), who struggles to discern, and navigate his way between good and evil, a man with an ordinary life who becomes an extraordinary human being, an immortal hero. The Living Theatre’s “Here We Are” (as core ensemble) working with Judith Malina, the LaGuardia’s “Dracula Alma” (as Dracula), and Latin Culture Productions’ “El Sexo del Che” (as Che), which was featured to close the NYC Immigrant Heritage Week ‘09 at The Queens Museum. He also appeared (playing multiple roles) in “365 days/365 plays” by playwright Suzan-Lori Parks, at various venues including LPAC at LaGuardia College and MoMA PS1. TV credits include the Mortales TV series, Telemicro Internacional (as Dany and J), which garnered him a best supporting actor nomination at the 2015 Mortales Awards in NYC. Film credits include a leading role in “A Lothario’s Lament” which premiered at Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner in 2013.

Producing credits include, short film “I Tweet” on Italy’s Rai  Cinema/TV Network, and feature film “The Grand Theft”, his first movie. Broadcasting Station ‘RCN Radio’ (NYC affiliated studio).  

Writing credits include the short films “The Painter’s Dream” and "Las Cigarras", and the play “Nariño” (see above).  

Fabian has twice hosted FolkCOLOMBIA Fest (for Colombian Independence Day), at the Queens Museum, New York in 2015 and 2016. He co-hosted the talk show “Zona Cultural” for Radio Internacional Caracol, and hosted his own Spanish talk show called “New York, New York & Fabian Zarta” for RCN Radio in NY in 2007 and 2009.


  • Nominación a mejor ensamble excepcional de teatro musical, “Twelfth Night”, Teatro Público de NY, ‘Chita Rivera Awards’ 2019 NYC.

  • Nominado a mejor actor de reparto ‘Mortales Awards’ NYC 2015.

  • Dos menciones de “Incentivo en las Artes Escénicas” por trabajo escolar en la noche de honores académicos en CUNY - Fiorello H. LaGuardia College.

  • Integró el colectivo teatral ‘ACTivate Ensemble’ iniciativa del Teatro Público de New York (The Public Theater).


  • The Painter’s Dream, cortometraje

  • Las Cigarras, cortometraje​

  • Nariño, obra de teatro & monólogo


  • The Painter’s Dream, Productor (cortometraje)

  • Las Cigarras (The Cicadas), Productor (cortometraje)

  • I Tweet, Gerente de Producción (cortometraje)

  • Here We Are by The Living Theatre, Productor (documental obra de teatro)

  • Nariño, Productor (monólogo)

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